About Joslyn

Joslyn E. Blackburn became a Real Estate Broker in July of 2007. She has nearly 20 years of executive level business experience and has taught business courses on a collegiate level for over 14 years. In addition to her work experience, Joslyn holds a Bachelor’s in Business/Marketing as well as a Master’s in Business Administration. Joslyn decided to put her many years of business experience into helping people reach their dreams and goals of homeownership and wealth and legacy building through property investments. Joslyn moved to the Charlotte, NC area in 2006 after her family was devastated by the loss of their home and other possessions due to SuperStorm Hurricane Katrina. After relocating, her family was restored, they have purchased two new homes and have invested in Real Estate in the area. Having gone through what she went through with such a great loss and having been restored, Joslyn has made it her mission to help others find a place that they can call home. She believes that homeownership is still a way to build generational wealth. Her motto is “I love helping people follow their dreams and live their best lives”. Joslyn is married with two children. She loves to sing, read, write, run, swim, spend time with friends and family….AND sell real estate.